Responsible Person Services in the EU and the UK

The European cosmetics regulation EC 1223/2009 established the following four requirements to market a cosmetic product within the European Union.
With BREXIT becoming effective on January 1st, 2021, there is an analogous process to be followed in the UK, leading to the notification in the UK SCPN database.

  • Product Information File (PIF) including, among other things, a safety report (CPSR) signed by a safety expert
  • compliant label
  • CPNP number (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) for EU, a SCPN number (Submit a cosmetic product notification) for the UK
  • Responsible Person based in the European or UK territories, respectively.

We can manage these notification processes for you, from beginning to end.

Since the EU/UK requirements to market cosmetics are so comprehensive, some non-EU countries take a successful EU/ UK notification as an easy way into their markets, e.g. Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Turkey.

There are five steps for the notification process:


5 steps

1. Formula Analysis

Each and every ingredient in your formula are checked for their regulatory and safety status.
Also the INCI list will also be validated according European standards.

2. Compilation of the safety report (CPSR)

Depending on the shape of your safety report, we will advise you on necessary changes.
There are two parts to the report:
Part A contains all the data needed for the evaluation, whereas part B comprises the actual
safety evaluation and the final conclusion.

3. Review of Labels and Claims

This includes the scrutiny of all the necessary label elements and the validity of the claims.
To check the compliance with the local packaging regulations please go to website of Ecosistant

4. Compilation of the Product Information File (PIF)



5. Legal Representation and CPNP Notification

We would be happy to take on the role as your Responsible Person within the European Union
 and notify your product on the EU and UK notification portals (CPNP and SCPN, respectively). 

A registration number is then assigned to your product by the European/UK authorities.