Brand Development in Home and Personal Care

Many years of working with R&D, Marketing, Sales, PR have taught us one thing:
Your brand image and the claims you make must be backed by performance. If not, you will never build trust.
Creating a business is about creating trust.
This is exactly what we do!
Helping you to create your business….

With our in-depth knowledge about how science and consumer preferences are evolving, we can help you to find the best positioning for your brand.
This is a highly individualized process and builds on your vision, mission, and values.
Defining product performance claims and their science-based substantiation will be the next step in the process.
Tapping into our network of experienced cosmetic chemists, we will guide you through the formulation development work.
We won´t leave you alone thereafter: with our extensive up-scaling experience, we will make sure that you find the right contract manufacturer and get ready for launch, fast.